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Dakilang Guro Yuli Romo - Head instructor and founder or Bahad ZU'BU

Born in Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines, on the 23rd April 1949, Dakilang ("Great") Guro Epifanio 'Yuli' Romo has a long and extensive background in the Filipino Martial Arts, with an impeccable lineage to some of the most respected Filipino warriors ever known.
At an early age, he was introduced to the Warrior Arts of the Philippines, first learning the revered art of his great-uncle Islao Romo, who defeated many well-known Eskrimadors in Cebu during the 1940's. GM Yuli learned this art from his uncles Pedring Romo and Pael Aviles.
As a teenager GM Yuli learned the art of Repikada-Pigada from Kikoy Borinaga, a descendant of the legendary Soferino Borinaga. GM Yuli is the only inheritor of this system.
During the early 1970's GM Yuli moved to Manila, where he studied the Balintawak Eskrima system, learning from Boy Ursal, a senior student of the legendary Grandmaster Joe Go. In this period, GM Yuli also trained directly under Joe Go, extending his skills in the Balintawak system while also learning Tat Kun Tou and the Bio-Olisi - long-stick fighting method.
In 1975, he began training with the much-respected late Grandmaster Antonio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo. Acknowledged by his peers as the second most senior student of Tatang and having , GM Yuli displays a colourful interpretation of this sword-based art, and is particularly renowned for his applications and explanations of Tatang's art.

The combination of these influences has evolved into the art that GM Yuli Romo has conceptualized.  Bahad ZU'BU is a devastating and highly effective method of self defense which utilizes a "natural" approach to the movements used in fighting. Historically, the Filipinos never had a military, which is why it is not considered a "martial" art, but a "Filipino Cultural" art.  GM Yuli's unique approach to fighting and his ability to bring out the best in a fighter is known the world over and for several years, his skill was constantly put to the test as the personal instructor to the King of Morocco.

Guro Mark Basel is a lifelong martial artist dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditional Filipino Martial Arts.  As a child he was introduced to martial arts like many children starting in Tae Kwon Do.  Later in life, shortly after college, he took up contracting work in the South Pacific where he first encountered a vibrant Filipino community and traditions.  He soon became a member of the local Filipino Cultural club, promoting native dances and other traditions.  Upon his return to Minnesota, he soon combined his two interests by pursuing the study of Filipino Martial Arts, and has since made many research trips to the Philippines to learn traditional Filipino Martial Arts culture and history directly from the masters.  He is one of two Guros in MN authorized to teach the Filipino ancestral art of Bahad Zubu Eskrima. 

Guro Federico Malibago was born and raised in Minnesota the son of Filipino immigrants.  Growing up in the US, in a small but very tight knit Filipino community and family, he was raised to value and preserve traditional Filipino values and traditions.  Amongst the men in his family and community, fighting skill and the practice of martial arts, were highly valued and encouraged.  This early passion for the martial arts, as well as Filipino cultural traditions and history in general, has led him to conduct many research trips to the Philippines to learn traditional Filipino Martial Arts culture and history directly from the masters who keep the traditons alive.  He is on of only two Guros in MN authorized to teach the Filipino Ancestral art of Bahad Zubu Eskrima.

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